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6 Extra Costs To Consider Before Jumping Into Your Kitchen Remodel

Base price, plus allowances, plus change orders and maybe an appliance package and that's it right? How much other costs could there be associated with my kitchen remodel?

Before I jump into this subject, I'd like to preface it with this: no two kitchen remodels are the same. While we are often looking for comparisons in the world of remodelers and general contractors, this level of craftmanship, custom design, and unforeseen conditions (because whatever we think might be behind that wall might be something very different!), can make comparisons difficult. That being said, while we do discuss a general price range for typical kitchen remodels with our clients from day one, each one of them is very unique and presents different challenges.

One thing does remain the same however: those costs in that proposal are not the only costs you will incur as a homeowner.

Here are a few things to consider in your total budget along with your quotes:

  1. Moving Out – This one is obvious, but sometimes it can be hard to decide whether to move out. We always recommend doing so with a kitchen remodel, and even more so if a laundry or bath remodel is involved as well. Rent around Charleston and Mount Pleasant is expensive, so keep that in mind!

  2. Eating Out – It can be exhausting when you have to move out, bring the kids with you, set up somewhere else, and then prepare a meal for everyone. This one is probably overlooked by most, but important to consider.

  3. Laundromat – Also likely an overlooked item, but trips to the laundromat when your washer and dryer are waiting to be installed can certainly add some money and time (and time is money!).

  4. Utility usage – Masons need water for their mortar, and trim carpenters need power for their chop saws, and this is likely more power that you are used to using, so consider the likelihood that your power and water bill will be higher than it normally is for a couple months.

  5. Opportunity costs – Ok, maybe this one is a stretch! But as a business owner, it's hard not to think about all of our costs and the potential that there might be something that you as a homeowner could be spending your time doing instead of picking out tile!

  6. Homeowner's insurance – with the increased value of your home, will come the need to increase your coverage after your remodel is done.

Now with all of that in mind, kitchens have the highest rate of ROI out of any remodel, which is part of why they are the most popular project to take on. I am confident that my team can take your budget, consider all of your costs, and produce a kitchen that you and your family enjoy for many years to come and that you can even sell for a PROFIT down the road.