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The Design & Planning Phase – The Most Important Phase

The design-build business model is nothing new to the remodeling industry, but the benefits of hiring a firm that has the capability of taking a project from the conceptual phase through construction has long lasting benefits to both client and contractor.

The main benefit is the ease of execution of the construction phase. With all of our selections made (tile, countertops, flooring), we are able to prioritize our time towards the many things that can pop up during construction. Construction flows much smoother and quicker, and things come in on time. Second, the more time we spend in this phase, the more we become familiar with your style and your objectives for your remodel. Often, we find those objectives can change.

Third, this phase gives us time to change things later if we realize something is not going to work. For example, if a particular medicine cabinet is going to interfere with a faucet. Lastly, it give us much more time to be creative during construction. We find the flexibility, for example, to decide we want to change the pattern on the tile backsplash, instead of being focused on just trying to get the tile in on time.

The beautiful thing about our process and our company is we are very heavily invested in the design and planning phase. We are one of few true design-build remodeling firms in the Charleston area that can take your project from an idea in your mind, to paper, to punch list, all under one roof. Every step in the process has been refined by years of experience. Please check out for more details on how our process works and let's get your design phase started.