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Our Process

At Albrecht, we understand the frustrations homeowners often face during the remodeling process. Our customers enjoy seamless processes, reliable on-site staff, and constant communication. Previous remodeling experiences may have left you feeling overwhelmed, with extended timelines, blown budgets, and compromised quality. Our process is designed to alleviate these common headaches. From the initial consultation to the final walk-through, we prioritize transparency, communication, and efficiency every step of the way. Say goodbye to stress and hello to a seamless remodeling journey with Albrecht.

Step 1: Initial Meeting

This is the first time we will meet on site to look at the project. Our first site visit is FREE of charge; we want to get to know you and get a broad idea of your renovation. During this time, we'll take photos and gather all of the information needed to get a rough budget and a Design & Planning Proposal together. This proposal covers the many hours we will spend in the next phase.

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Step 2: Design & Planning

Once the Design & Planning Proposal is approved, we enter the Design & Planning Phase, during which we will assemble all of your selections (paint colors, countertops, trim, etc), meet with you and your family to discuss how we are going to do certain parts of the project, apply for permits, discuss logistics, and meet with our trade partners on site to discuss how the project will be completed. There are many hours spent on our part in this phase, but for good reason! At the end of this phase, you will have a set of drawings, a list of specification and selections, and a construction proposal.

Timeline: 2-6 Months

Step 3: Pre-Construction

All of that hard work done during the Design & Planning Phase starts to come to fruition here. We start ordering windows and doors, which typically carry lengthy lead times, notify trade partners of pending work, and meet on site to discuss site logistics.

Timeline: 1-3 Months

Step 4: Construction

This is the phase we've all been working hard for, but this time, a home remodel will be enjoyable for you, because most of the hard work is already done. Since we've already picked out your tile, paint colors, and countertops, you'll be able to focus on the many unexpected things we can find during a remodel, like rot and termites, or to be prepared for the temporary living adjustments that you'll need to make over the next few months. Most projects fall within this time frame, but vary significantly based on a number of factors to include: scope of work, client decision timeline, weather, and quantity of finishes.

Timeline: 2-6 Months